Why Hire Us?

We are a family of professional cleaners, committed to giving our customers quality service every time. Our goal is to provide high quality services at an affordable rate. Our team operates with the highest degree of integrity. In addition to being honest, dependable, and always on time.

Our Services

Move-in Move-out Services

  • Vacuum/ wash all floors
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean window sills and frames
  • Disinfect and clean bathroom sinks, toilet seat and cover, tub, shower, and counter tops
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen, all appliances inside/out, cabinets, shelves, handles, knobs, sinks, backsplash
  • Clean all reachable light fixtures, switch and outlet plates
  • Dust and clean ceiling fans
  • Wipe down and clean all glass surfaces
  • Clean inside closets
  • Clean inside windows

Post Construction Clean-Up

  • Vacuum
  • Clean walls
  • Dust ceilings
  • Dust and polish handrails and all fixtures, mantels, and all woodwork
  • Clean trim, window frames, baseboards, doors, and frames
  • Remove paint, smudges, scuff marks from all surfaces
  • Clean interior windows and sills
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean all cabinets and drawers inside/out
  • Clean light fixtures, switch, and outlet plates
  • Remove all plastic, stickers, and labels from all fixtures and appliances

Commmercial Cleaning Services

  • Lobby and waiting area:
    • Clean, dust and polish desks and tables
    • Empty trash
    • Clean and dust window sills
    • Sweep, vacuum and mop floors
  • Offices, Board Rooms, Work Areas:
    • Clean, dust and polish desk and tables
    • Empty trash
    • Clean and disinfect telephones and door knobs
    • Sweep vacuum, and mop floors

Commercial Cleaning Services Con’t

  • Break Areas:
    • Empty trash
    • Clean and sanitize tables, sinks, and counter tops
    • Sweep and mop floors
  • BathRooms:
    • Empty trash
    • Clean and disinfect sinks, counter tops and toilets
    • Clean mirrors
    • Sweep and mop floors

Additional Services

  • Clean Baseboards
  • Clean Blinds

Our Products

We not only want to make your business look great, we also want to keep you and your employees feeling great! That’s why we use products that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.  We use HEPA filtration commercial vacuums, E-cloth microfiber cloths, and mops.   We also work on a cloth color coded system, so a cloth that is used to clean the bathrooms won’t be used to clean the break area. We provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment that we use.